Greg Barrett Bio & Vision


Greg and Erina Barrett are active members of Mary Mother of the Church faith community. Greg is a graduate of the University of Manitoba’s School of Social Work. He has also been involved in conflict resolution work as well work with Italian Seniors at the Centro Caboto Centre.

Currently, his major interest is in bringing people together to learn from each other through ecumenical work. As well as working on the parish level, he works on a voluntary and part time basis with the Archdiocese of St. Boniface as the Coordinator of Interchurch and Interfaith Learning.

Greg sees the purpose of his work to help establish and sustain a mutually meaningful, sincere and consistent dialogue among equals. The goals of this work include:

-        to seek to create an open and confidential environment in which dialogue partners will share life experiences with each other and how those experiences have shaped their faith.

-        to seek to create an environment in which dialogue partners can enter into a mutually educative exchange within which they will learn about each other’s faith.

-        to seek to create an environment in which humility, listening and openness will be key elements resulting in positive and lasting human relationships between the participants in the dialogue.

The vision and hope of this Program is that the people of our faith community will engage with brothers and sisters of other Christian churches and other faiths on a regular basis. Our prayer is that this engagement will be embraced from a learning perspective resulting in a mutual enrichment of our relationship with our Creator.

It is important to note that this vision, this purpose and these goals also have application to the inner life of Mary Mother of the Church faith community itself.