“So to be blessed by the true and living God of all creation is not an either-or thing; it is a both-and thing. God had a unique vocation both for Israel and for the Ethiopians. God liberated both Israelites and the Philistines and Arameans from their oppressors. The doctrine of calling, election, or chosen-ness has indeed been abused as a vicious weapon of hostility. But we can rediscover it as an instrument of peace, an instrument of blessing. To do so will require us, like Abraham, to make a radical break with the hostile identities we inherited – identities of domination, revolution, assimilation, purification, competition, victimization, and isolation. It will require us to venture out – “not knowing where we are going” – learning to embody a new, strong identity, an identity of mission and reconciliation: blessed to be a blessing; others for the sake of others, giving and receiving blessings with other blessed people, and thus joining God in healing a world torn by human hostility.”   Brian D. McLaren Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Budda and Mohammed Cross the Road