Reader (Proclaimer of the Word) Information and resources

Reader/Proclaimer of the Word

The reader or proclaimer of the Word posesses an important responsibility. The individual prayerfully prepares and practices the reading ahead of time at home. They walk in the entrance procession and proclaim the Word of God at the Saturday or Sunday Masses. They also lead the community in the prayers of the faithful.  If you are interested in becoming a reader, contact Janet Goudel via email. or at  Training is provided.

Resouces and information for Lectors (readers) at Mary, Mother of the Church Parish.

2019 Proclaimer guidelines, and Reader of the prayer guidelines.

2019 November workshop - music, prayer, powerpoint, notes.

Books available through the parish:

HarperCollins Bible Pronunciation Guide by Walker, Wm.

Lectors Guide to Biblical Pronunciations by Staudacher, J.