Every weekend, our four parish liturgies are blessed by the time and talents shared by over 80 volunteers.  They serve at the altar, sing and play in the choirs, proclaim the Word of God, distribute the Eucharist, help with seating, collect our offerings, operate the sound system, prepare content and run our Audio-Visual equipment, bring up the gifts, distribute the bulletin, and decorate the sanctuary and nave.   New volunteers are always welcome!    

Email for more information, or to volunteer.

Altar Servers

Altar servers are individuals who arrive 15 minutes before the Saturday/Sunday Masses and assist in preparation. During the Mass, the altar server carries the processional cross, holds the prayer book for the priest and sets up and takes down the altar for the Liturgy of the Eucharist.  If you are interested in becoming an altar server, contact Blanche Comeau at
Training is provided.

Reader/Proclaimer of the Word

The reader or proclaimer of the Word possesses an important responsibility. The individual prayerfully prepares and practices the reading ahead of time at home. They walk in the entrance procession and proclaim the Word of God at the Saturday or Sunday Masses. They also lead the community in the prayers of the faithful.  If you are interested in becoming a reader, contact Janet Guedel at Training is provided.  

Eucharistic Minister

The Eucharistic Minister distributes the Body of Christ or the Blood of Christ to the community at the time of Holy Communion.  If you are interested in becoming a Eucharisitic Minister, contact Faith
Anderson at Training is provided.

Sound Ministry
Volunteers in sound ministry servce by setting up the microphones for Mass (and special events) and operating the sound board.  If you are interested in becoming a sound minister, contact Bonnie at  Training is provided.

Video Operator
Video operators operate the A/V equipment before, and during, our weekend liturgies. If you are interested in the preparation or running of our visual presentations, please contact Training is provided.

Arrives 15 minutes before mass.  Assists people with seating, especially those with mobility issues.
Directs the collection of our Sunday Offering.  Training is provided.
Any confirmed Catholic could be an Usher.  Interested?  For more information contact
Corey Bossuyt at

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