Marriage Preparation

A weekend program provided for engaged Catholic couples

Next dates: Friday evening, May 6, & Saturday daytime, May 7 2022

  • Marriage Preparation is a wonderful way of getting to know intimate details about your partner and yourself.  Though impossible to be fully prepared for all that life can bring to a marriage, we do our best to make sure there are few surprises down the road.  

  • We have a volunteer team of highly enthused married couples who take turns presenting testimonials on important topics like finance, spirituality, children, communication, conflict, and personality types.  A portion of each session is left for the engaged couples to answer questions and share responses with their partners.  

  • We have a lot of fun!  We look forward to helping you and your fiance(e) learn more about each other in a safe, fun, and spiritual environment.

For questions about the program, contact our marriage team.

To register for the program, complete this form. And for any further questions, please contact Chiaka Enaboifo, MMOC office manager at 204-261-1579 ext 1 or email.