Parish Renewal and Growth

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Parish Renewal and Growth Initiative History

At the Annual General Assembly in May 2016, the Parish Renewal and Growth initiative was introduced. Over the previous few months the Parish Pastoral Council had decided to "rethink how we do church." The decision was made to change from a maintenance parish to a missionary parish.

A Steering Committee was put in place with the goal of launching the initiative in September. And this deadline was met with the launch taking place the weekend of September 10/11, 2016.

After a successful 2016/17 year, the Steering Committee created a Vision Statement to further assist our efforts in moving to a missionary parish.

Mission Statement

Love God. Love Others. Reach Out. Build Disciples. This is the new Mission Statement for Mary, Mother of the Church.

Under Love God comes prayer, liturgy, and worship. Under Love Others comes fellowshipo, community, charity, healing, social justice, and welcoming. Reach Out includes evangelization, dialogue, witnessing, inviting, and gathering to discover Christ. Build Disciples focuses on faith formation, spiritual renewal, equipping parishioners to do ministry and serve, leadership formation and small groups.

Vision Statement

Mary, Mother of the Church is a vibrant Catholic community growing together in faith, inviting all to encounter Christ and forming missionary disciples.

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Values & Expectations

MMOC's key values are:

  • Worship (Weekend Experience)
  • Discipleship (Faith)
  • Fellowship (Community)
  • Ministry (Service)
  • Evangelize (Share the Gospel)

MMOC's hope is to meet people where they are at in their spiritual journey, without being judgemental, and to encourage them to take one step further. Please review the expectations that have been set for both the Parish (to provide) and Parishioners (to do).

Getting Started and Continuing

For 2016/17, the two major thrusts to bring the Mission Statement and the Parish Renewal and Growth initiative into being were the Prayer Ministry and the Evangelization Ministry.

2017/18 continues to focus on the Prayer Ministry and Evangelization Ministry, but is now working hard on enhancing the Sunday Experience, which includes Hospitality, Hymns, and Homilies.

The rest of the initiative steps will follow.

Theme Prayers

  • The following two theme prayers, one used with permission from Dynamic Catholic and the other created by a parishioner, were chosen to assist parishioners in praying for the ongoing success of this initiative and our collective spiritual growth (long and short).
  • Check them out and pray them along with us.

Theme Song 

  • The song that resonated with our initiative, providing a great message and energy is - Go Make a Difference!
  • Save this to your favorites and sing along with it too!

Parish Website and Logo

Introducing a new, vibrant parish website and Mary logo were vital to the initiative.

Key Priorities for Fall/Winter/Spring 2018

  • Evangelization/Faith Formation:
    • Alpha Program
    • Connect Sundays
    • Small Group Studies
      • Perfectly Yourself book - during Lent.
  • Creating awesome Sunday church experiences, such as friendly, warm welcomes and inviting coffee gatherings after Masses, upbeat music, meaningful homilies, simple registration process and helpful welcome packages.
    • New audio/visual equipment
    • Welcome and Information Centre
  • Revitalizing the Youth programs
  • Stewardship - Time, Talent and Treasure
  • Website updates so that the information remains current.