• Prayer

Why do we need to pray ?

  • The development of our Prayer Ministry is directed to seek out the guidance of the Holy Spirit as the Catholic Church is called to evangelize.
  • In this the Prayer Ministry works toward being personally connected with Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • The Prayer Group was formed as an element of The Prayer Ministry.

 The Prayer Group:

  • Prays for the success of The Renewal of the Catholic Church which works towards it's members being more prayerfully connected with the person of Christ.
  • Gathers Mondays for one hour every other week from 7-8 pm.
  • Saying The Rosary, hearing 3 song clips and a speaker clip, and being free to express our own personal prayer intentions and needs, are just some of the things we do during our time together.
  This past week we celebrated the feast day of St. Anthony on Jauanuary 17th 2019. I think we could consider him to be someone who is a saint for our times. Saint Anthony was born in Portugal in 1195 and was a Franciscan. He had progressed in his in-depth studying of the faith. Later he was famous for his preaching, especially to those who had lost their faith. He still expresses that love through his intercession as the patron of the lost and missionary endeavors in his name. In our time of evangelization in the Catholic Church, we need his intercession as we  share the treasures of our faith with others. Ask St. Anthony to assist us with our words,  by a persistent faith, and in the work in the servicing of the needs of the other.
Monday January 21st, the Prayer Group will gather in the hall from 7-8pm.
Please join us as we hear a number of song clips, a Bishop Barron clip, the recitation of the Rosary, and an opportunity to ask for our intercessory prayers for the needs of others in our lives. Hope to see you there.

  • An ongoing Devotion to the Rosary is one way to come to experience the meaning of a scriptural walk into the life of Jesus. The important presence of the Holy Spirit and Mary are servants of love for us. Please pray to Mary often and daily if you can..


All Parishioners are invited to pray
The Living Rosary
An Advent and Christmas Devotion
The Joyful Mysteries
Pray all the Joyful Mysteries while praying one decade daily for a period of 10 weeks
Sunday December 2nd- Saturday February 2nd
  • The Living Rosary was formed in 1826 and was inspired to pull together a group of people by which each person would pray a specific decade of the Rosary every day and collectively they would complete the entire rosary every day.
  1. At Mary Mother, each person or family starts off praying a specific decade of the rosary every day over a period of 2 weeks, and then skips on to the following decade and now prays this decade daily for 2 weeks  carrying on in this manner until you have prayed only one decade every day and completed all 5 of the Joyful Mysteries during the 10 week period.
  2. Find your first designated decade on the front and bottom of your envelope that you can get after Mass on December 1stor 2nd.
  3. Always read the scripture text.
  4. Ask the Holy Spirit to inspire you to enter the scene of the mystery event.
  5. begin your living rosary in the same order wth the Sign of the Cross,The Creed,Our Father  etc.
  6. all info is in the envelope for you to take home.
  7. THe Living Rosary permits a less time commitment but may offer us a greater opportunity for contemplation. Pope John Paul II points out in his Letter on The Rosary that the contemplation of the event that His Mother iinvites us into, will help us to know and love Christ
  •   Presently THE PRAYER GROUP has  three individuals who have come forward to operate our prepared power point and we thank them in this regard. If there are still others who would like to help, please contact the number or email below.
  •  If you wish to serve with managing this prayer page, your technical gift assistance, would be greatly apprciated. You can  contact myself below in this regard.Thanks

  Contact Lorraine Bremault at 204-261-8020 or email.

 What is the rosary and why do we say it?

The Rosary,though clearly Marion in Character, is at the heart a Christicentric prayer...With the Rosary, the Christian people sits at the school of Mary and is led to comtemplate the beauty on the face of Christ and experience the depth of his love...Pope John Paul II

Give yourself peace while praying for peace in so many aspects. Pray the Rosary regularly starting off slowly, and with time it will give you comfort from the hectic and noisy world we live in..Matthew Kelly

  •  Mary herself asked us to pray the Rosary for peace. Her words continue to be relevant.                                                     
  • Matthew Kelly writes,"Do Catholics worship Mary? No we pray to Mary, but not in the same way we pray to a God and not to worship her like a deity..If I ask my non Catholic Christian friends whether they pray for their spouses or their children, they will say yes.If I ask them to pray for me they will say yes.                               Our relationship with Mary operates under the same principle.We believe that Mary and the saints are dead to this world, but we also believe they live on with God for eternity in the next world. And we believe that their prayers are just as powerfull now that they are in heaven-even more powerful-than they were when they were on earth.We are essentially saying to them,'You know what it is like, because you have been here. Please pray for us!' Non Catholic Christian friends don't believe people can still pray in the afterlife. We do.The average Catholic needs an answer he or she can articulate when questioned.                                            Devotion to Mary is a legitimate part of Christian spirituality.It is also an authentic path to God and heroic virtue." 

  • Pope Francis declares a new Marian feast Day. 

  • In a Columbia Magazine article, entitled A Celebration of Mary, Mother of the Church,Sean Innerst writes:
    "Pope Francis announced on the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, that there would be a new Marian feast day on the Monday after Pentecost.The Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary,Mother of The Church, will be celebrated for the first time on May 21.
    It was written that Pope Francis "attentively considered how greatly the promotion of this devotion might encourage the growth of the maternal sense of the Church in the pastors, religious and faithful, as well as a growth of genuine Marian piety."
    "The dual purpose of the new feast-to promote greater appreciation of Marian Piety and of
    the Church as Mother."
    The position of this feast day to the feast day of Pentecost may be found in what Francis writes. "With the Holy Spirit, Mary is always present in the midst of the Church."