Secular Franciscan Order

Immaculate Conception Fraternity
  • This small group of men and women, married and single, meet monthly from September to June.  Because of the Covid 19 restrictions to meet in person the group has been meeting virtually and since this suits everyone this will continue and will accommodate some members who do not live close by. The meetings are at 2.00 p.m on the fourth Sunday of each month.
  • The purpose is ongoing spiritual development focusing on St. Francis and Franciscan spirituality with topics like prayer, charity, peace, social justice, integrity of creation, the environment and love of all creatures.   


  • The group which started 40 years ago in the parish is part of a worldwide organization of over a million members today, founded by St. Francis of Assisi 800 years ago and is open to all adult practicing Catholics.
  • Visitors are always welcome at the meetings. A link can be provided to anyone who wishes to visit the on-line meeting, by contacting Kate Klassen at - 
  • The group has also been fortunate to have a Franciscan spiritual assistant, Father Joe Glaab, who participates in the meetings whenever possible via the internet. 


  •  We continue to pray individually in our homes for our brothers and sisters worldwide who are affected by the current crisis either physically, mentally, spiritually or financially. 


  • Happily some new people were welcomed into the group recently, with possible Professions in future. The group continues to study the book "St. Francis of Assisi, Passion and Poverty, how he transformed the Catholic Church", with a reading at most gatherings. Normally the meeting consists of prayer time, spiritual development discussion time and some time for business to discuss the ministries of the group.  The meeting lasts no more than 2 hours.


  • The group has been taking a particular interest in the document Laudato Si and how it relates to our daily life, and what possible changes we need to address.  Excellent resources are available on line as we educate ourselves  on food production worldwide, our use of land and of plastics and the impact of this on wildlife and the earth. 


  • A large donation of religious books and videos has been made to the Parish Library by a Franciscan Member who is downsizing.  These will be catalogued and made available to all parishioners.



 For more information contact:

                Kate Klassen, cell 204 955 0756, or email -

                Bernadette McCann, 204 474 0320 or email  -