Welcome Everyone

    • We are pleased to have you visit us for an event or a service.
    • We hope the following information answers questions you may have.

Help in Getting to the Church

  • Our parish is located at 85 Kirkbridge Drive.
  • If you need a ride to church, please contact us and we will try to help you.
  • City bus routes have stops near the church.

Pembina at Kirkbridge going south 

Pembina at Killarney going north   

Pembina at Killarney to UofManitoba at Sobey's 

Pembina at Killarney to downtown at 7-Eleven   


  • There is a large, well-lit parking lot.
  • Street parking is available on Marrington Road.


Our hospitality people will:

  • greet you as you arrive.
  • help you into the church if you need assistance.
  • answer your questions.
  • During service, at various times, our postures vary between sitting and standing.  If you find standing difficult please sit throughout the service if you so choose.
  • Everyone is invited to join in the prayers and singing.
  • Mass schedule.

Communion Procedures

  • Non-Catholics are welcome to come up at Communion to be acknowledged.
  • When you reach the Eucharistic minister, cross your arms and put your hands touching your shoulders.

After Mass Fellowship

  • Join us for refreshments in the church hall after most Sunday Masses.
  • The hall is located to your left as you leave the service.
Upcoming Events
  • There are many events throughout the year.
  • We look forward to seeing you at them.
  • One of them is our Alpha Program.
  • Please check our events calendar.

Children at Mass

  • We welcome children of all ages at our Masses. 
  • Children often find Mass more interesting if they can see what is going on, so families are encouraged to sit close to the front. 
  • There are children’s missals available in a basket on the sound booth – please borrow one for your child to look at during Mass. 
  • If you need to calm down a crying child or feed a baby, we do have a nursing room available at the back of the church.